Ethical Code of Practise

Candidates can be assured that our approachable consultants:

  • will treat them with the same respect and high level of attention that is extended to our clients
  • will only put them forward for jobs they mutually agree are suitable
  • will not send out their details to clients without their consent
  • will keep them fully informed on how an application is proceeding


We confirm that our operations reach the following Client’s welfare, candidate’s welfare and professional standards:


  1. Client’s Welfare
  2. Qualified or Experienced candidates

Our agency mainly deal with experienced and/or qualified candidates

We inspects original copies of all qualifications and certificates and/or run adequate checks with previous employers and colleges. The qualifications that are valid in this scheme:

  • Diploma in Childcare & Education (NNEB)
  • BTEC in Child Studies/Nursery Nursing
  • CACHE Certificate in Childcare & Education
  • GNVQ Level 2 or above in Early Years Childcare & Education
  • Advanced Diploma in Childcare & Education (equivalent to a Master’s Degree)
  • Montessori Teaching & Childcare Diploma
  • Childcare Certificate I, II, III for Australia and New Zealand

Or the equivalent from other countries. These courses must cover similar areas of study and last of an equal or comparable duration.

  1. First Aid

We will verify whether or not our candidate has a First Aid qualification. We provide a paediatric first aid courses, in conjunction with our partners.

  1. Suitability of Candidates

We will only put forward candidates that are suited to the job in question. Suitability is defined in terms of the canddate’s personality, qualifications, experience, meeting the needs of the client.

  1. Criminal/ C.R.B checks

All people placed by the nanny agency  are requested to have an Enhanced Disclosure from Criminal Records Bureau underway before commencement of employment

  1. Identity Checks

We ask a minimum of two forms of personal identification from candidates prior to employment – these may include passport, driving licence, birth certificate, utility bills, work permits and visas.

  1. Reference Checks

We take up at least two references to confirm a candidate’s competence, suitability and trustworthiness for a job. Reference checking entails two verbal conversations with referees (even if they have furnished the candidate with a written reference). Verbal reference checks grant people the privacy to disclose the full details of their experience with the candidate, which a written reference does not. (The point of these conversations is to verify the validity of a candidate’s employment, to glean a better sense of his/her disposition and if all checks out, place him/her with a client).


  1. Professional Standards


  1. Candidate Employment

we help with the provision of a suitable agreement of employment for the clients and the candidate.

  1. Legal Requirements

We have all legal requirements. Licence n. 0033-l 26/11/2008.

  1. Interview Policy

We  interview candidates for jobs in person or on the telephone prior to putting them forward to clients. If this has not happened, for any reason, the nanny agency will inform the clients accordingly.

  1. Terms & Conditions

We will provide a full written copy of its Terms and Conditions to the client.


  1. Candidate Welfare
  2. Weare aware of candidate welfare issues at all times. These include on request: providing information on career development courses; interview tips; detailed instructions or directions to each interview; and a solid briefing on each position for which the agency sends a candidate to interview.
  3. We will operate an equal opportunities policy and will not discriminate on grounds of race, religion or sex.
  4. We do not require fee to our candidates